Lindsay Branch Photography started simply. I had always loved making things look the best they could. Then I had 2 daughters and I became a “mom”tographer.  I thrived on capturing every single precious moment I could.  I loved having pictures that I could share with all my friends and family on Facebook. I displayed them proudly on my walls, sent them out in Christmas cards, and put them on birthday invitations. I fell in love with the process of learning what I was capable of as a photographer. I upgraded my equipment to professional level camera’s and lenses, I took classes, and read everything I could get my hands on that had anything to do with photography. In 2009 I decided I would start taking pictures for family and friends; I couldn’t stop. I was a photography addict. I would find myself looking at an open field off the side of the road and thinking of how beautiful it would be for a session. Everything I saw, I saw through an imaginary lens. I knew then and there this was my passion, and this is what I wanted to do for my career. So, in 2010 I became a professional photographer and started Lindsay Branch Photography. I knew there were so many moms, dads, brides, and seniors who loved photographs as much as I did, and I planned to give them an amazing experience. That is what I pride myself in as a photographer. Not only do I give you beautiful photographs of the memories you will look back on for a life time, and many years beyond that, but I  give my clients an experience.  From the moment you book with Lindsay Branch Photography, you are going to get amazing service, beautiful images, information on how the process works, a outfitting consultations, and the most comfortable and fun time in front of a camera you will ever have! You simply are our number one priority. We believe you can go anywhere to have your pictures taken, But with Lindsay Branch Photography you get an experience and  beautiful memories that can last a life time.